212cc 21'' Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower PS21 PRO
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212cc 24'' Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower
$509.99 Regular price $899.99 Sale price Save 43%
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80V 24'' Two-Stage Self Propelled Cordless Snow Blower 8024 PRO Red
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212cc 21'' Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower PS21
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15 AMP 21'' Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower C21
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PowerSmart Outdoor Power

POWERSMART is aiming on developing innovative outdoor accessories and household tools for more than 10 years. We are dedicated to providing high quality products and dependable service. Our specialized line of generator contains with top powers and advanced design, which manufactures clean energy for sensitive electronics. Our gas power generator provides green energy for power tools, mobile devices, RV camping, and home power backup.

PowerSmart Snow Blower

Responding to the need for an easy-to-use machine that could tackle heavier snowfall on mid-sized driveways and walkways without the hassle of gas, oil, tune-ups, frustrating pull-cords or tangled extension cords. Equipped with easy-to-use push button start,drive speed control,chute-mounted rotation and deflector controls, Our Two-Stage Snow Blower has what it takes to tackle this winter’s snowfall with ease.It makes sure this snow blower is ready to perform year after year.

PowerSmart in the News


"The Best Push Mower To Keep Your Lawn Lucious."


"The Best Snow Blower to Combat Inches of Snow."

"The Leading Portable Generators for Emergency Power."

Customer Reviews


The grass was about 6 inches and this little 21 inch mower just went to town. I am very happy and glad I bought this powersmart mower. I don't have a big lawn so one might want get one with a bigger basket for a big lawn.

Jennifer Dunn
Los Angeles, CA

I turn the generator on and plugged up my 60 inch television, five lamps, my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, fan, Router and modem. I even use my coffee maker a couple of times. you could probably run for a straight 10 hours on everything I have plugged up without running out of gas.

Donald Clark
Jacksonville, FL

So far so good, cuts great, runs strong.... like others, bag is smaller then others but I like the size of this machine for the property I have. 50x100. I’ll update.

Alan Saste
Los Angeles, CA

I received this lawn mower quickly and on time. I finally got around to mowing my yard and this thing is wonderful, it left my yard looking all clean and neat looking. It cuts perfectly. I mowed for one hour straight and it did very well.

Yessica Lozano
Portland, OR

This powersmart generator was so quiet!! Bought it for vendor show. We ran our fan and my friend’s fan next me. We didn’t have any issues!! A few customers stopped and asked where did we buy our generator.

Fresno, CA